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A Conference in Ghana: Fufu and Cluster Algebras


by Tarig Abdelgadir I love going to conferences. There are the maths: sharing your peculiar interests with others is always fun. Then there is the warmth of the mathematics community. Add to that the experience of visiting a cool new…

Taking The Stage At Famelab

Sananda Biswas making chemical bonds come alive. 
Image credit: Immaginario Scientifico

by Sananda Biswas and Luca Grisanti Famelab is a challenge issued to scientists, asking us to explain scientific concepts to the general public in only 3 minutes. Both of us – Sananda and Luca – took that challenge and participated…

Science Diplomacy: From Theory to Practice

The historic Apollo-Soyuz docking. Image by NASA [public domain]

by Bernard Amadei Science diplomacy is a term often used to describe how science can serve as a vehicle to create transboundary and cross-disciplinary partnerships through scientific collaboration. It can mean different things to different people, ranging from integrating sciences…